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MCCSS – Services


Shared Individualized Residential Supports

· Is a residential service offered to assist people in choosing, setting up and monitoring a living situation that meets their specific needs and personal preferences

· Provides a range of support in response to individual requests and needs

· While living with roomates, supports are offered in a person-directed way; fostering independence and involvement of the person’s family and friends

· Helps people develop skills, interests and friendships through experiences in their community.

SIL (Supported Independent Living)

This option of support provides individuals with flexibility and choice.  People live in their own house or apartment, with or without a roommate, anywhere of their choosing in the community they wish to reside in. In every sense, the home is theirs and the supports provided follow the needs and desires of the person and only to the extent that is necessary. Choice and decision making are promoted in all aspects. Supports can vary from blocks of time each day to periodically throughout a two week period.

Community Participation Supports

Community Participation Supports account for a significant amount of the supports provided in NACL’s Community Outreach Services. Community Participation Supports offer unlimited opportunity for people to explore their community and partake in activities and events of their choosing. Services are individualized to be specific to the person – the supports of each individual look different from the supports that are desired by others.  Employees in Community Participation Supports work with individuals to dream and explore what awaits and what could be in the community. Supports are provided by employee teams that are geared to the life situations of the individual, particularly to Youth over 18, seniors and Adults.

Employment Services

NACL provides employment services to individuals who have or are looking to have meaningful employment opportunities as a part of living a full life in the community.  Job Links is a service which aims to help individuals prepare for, obtain and maintain employment. They provide Basic Job Readiness Training where professional instruction helps to prepare individuals for the expectations within a workplace. Job Links can also assist with resume writing, interview skills, filling out applications and contacting possible employers. If a person wishes, they can also have a support worker with them while they apply or interview for jobs where permitted. Once a person obtains employment they can have support while at work to assist with daily tasks, communications with employer, or be available if needed. Job Links will work to help individuals become as independent as possible in a workplace setting.

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