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History – Pre 2010

History of the Norfolk Association for Community Living By Decades

2010’s | 2000’s | 1990’s | 1980’s | 1970’s | 1960’s | 1950’s



  • NACL’s two new apartments at the St. Williams School location are operational. Partnerships and projects are being explored to fully utilize the School space. Members of The Speak Out Committee taught a workshop in Port Elgin at a conference and a class for Social Service Workers at Fanshawe.
  • Business Ventures Car Wash moved to Apple Auto Glass.
  • BSS celebrated 10 years with Welcome Wagon.
  • One NACL employee and a person supported were co-presenters of “Creative Ways to Engage in Social Sexual Education” at the Regional Support Associates 2008 Conference.
  • The 1st Annual Friends & Family Picnic was an opportunity to bring people together for loads of fun and camaraderie. NACL initiated Service Collaboration Planning Days to solicit and share ideas for positive growth for the people we support, colleagues and the agency.
  • NACL and OPSEU collaborated to provide education to employees on “Challenging Bullying and Psychological Harrassment in the Workplace”.
  • Two more community organizations received training to utilize the NACL Snoezelen Room.
  • NACL now has 5 certified fit testers to fit employees with respirators in the event of a Pandemic situation.
  • People supported, employees and educators were inspired by David Hingsberger’s presentation on Teasing and Bullying and Power and Control sessions held at the Strand Theatre, Simcoe.
  • The Haldimand & Norfolk Seniors Partnership won the Community Living Ontario Innovation Award for “The Looking Ahead: Aging with a Developmental Disability” campaign.
  • “Together we have come far. We have ended the era of institutional living and begun the era of community living.” The Freedom Tour – NACL celebrated the closure of all institutions in Ontario for people with disabilities by presenting the film in our community at the Strand Theatre. It was produced by People First of Canada and the National Film Board.


  • NACL’s “Emerald Cowgirls”, sponsored by Good, Redden & Klosler, were first place and NACL’s “Emerald Gems”, sponsored by Brimage, Tyrell & Van Severen, were second place winners in the Rotary Club of Norfolk Sunrise 1st Annual Grate Groan-Up Spelling Bee.
  • MCSS approved NACL’s plan to use the EHT refund for the purchase of a wheelchair accessible vehicle or passenger van to address the transportation needs of individuals receiving services at NACL.
  • Launched on-line Workplace Violence Training for employees of NACL with ABC Company.
  • Committee established to celebrate NACL’s Emerald Anniversary.
  • Donation of a used minivan (1998 Pontiac) by Second Avenue Printing.  The students at Holy Trinity are doing repairs and we only pay for parts.
  • Board approved the New Horizons Respite Service Policy and Procedures.
  • Staff appreciation Wine & Cheese event at Springview Golf Course.
  • Launch of a Public Awareness Campaign at the Light House Festival Theatre with a theme of “Look Ahead” aging with a developmental disability.  Approximately 20 artists who were involved paired with 20 folks supported.  Art was featured and sold via silent auction.  Funds will go back to the project to continue maintaining it.  The art auction raised $10,000.  The site, established.
  • Community Connections, Business Ventures, Getting Connected Foundations and New Horizons Respite Service become part of Community Outreach Services.
  • Information Meeting for families of people supported and those on the waiting list.
  • David Hingsberger presented Teasing and Bulleying and Power and Control Workshops to full houses of people supported and staff at the Strand Theatre in Simcoe, sponsored by Raptors’ Foundation and Rotary Club of Norfolk Sunrise.
  • The “Davis Chicks” sang the National Anthem at the Blue Jays Game.
  • Board signed “Joint Venture Agreement” with CLASS for the St. Williams Project.
  • Board approved striking a Risk Management Committee. 
  • Ministry of Labour, Employment Practices Branch approved our Excess Weekly Hours of Work Permit.
  • Compost Caddy Service dissolved.
  • 55th Anniversary and General Meeting of the Association, catered by Business Ventures Café.
  • Hot Air Balloon Fundraiser with help from McKiee & Farrar Insurance.
  • Stella Galloway hired as Interim Executive Director.
  • Pumpkinfest and Panorama Parades were hits!
  • Quilt Raffle fundraiser of a quilt that was made by the Norfolk Quilters Association for the Simcoe Panorama and they in turn donated it to NACL.  More than $800 was raised.
  • Dance ‘a Thon was once again a great success!
  • This year’s Association Christmas Party was held at HambletonHall in Simcoe to a great turnout of employees.  Jolly Santa and Mrs. Claus presided.  Many people took advantage of the opportunity to get family pictures taken.  Small tots enjoyed the play area and older kids play with the virtual reality.  It was a great day!


  • Received “Notice To Bargain” from OPSEU.
  • Notification from MCSS that we would receive $71,380 to upgrade residential locations as a result of Partnership Funding.
  • Notice from MCSS of approval for the capital project in St. Williams and $1.37 million funding.
  • The Board of Education accepted an offer of $95,000 to purchase the school.
  • Received $30,000 from MCSS that was used to purchase a 2007 Caravan with extended warranty.
  • Board approved an “Allergen-Free Environment at 644 Ireland Road” Policy with a procedure around the use of scents.
  • At the OASIS Conference, as part of the 10th Anniversary festivities, NACL was recognized as being one of the original 6 agencies to join OASIS.
  • Police Services Board donated 2500 light up pens to the Association for the 55th Anniversary celebrations.
  • Ventures Café & Catering catered the Annual Meeting of the Association and did an excellent job.
  • Board agreed to ratify the agreement between OPSEU Local 221 and NACL, effective from April 1, 2007 to March 31, 2010.
  • Board approved policies:  Workplace Violence Prevention, Dress Code, I.D. Tags, “Early and Safe Return to Work”, “Responsible Use of Information Technology Network Resources and Internet Related Systems” and Getting Connected Foundations.
  • Men of NACL Fashion Show – “Every Girl’s Crazy ‘bout a Sharp Dressed Man” joint fundraiser with United Way.
  • Approval from the Trillium Foundation for a grant for the Volunteer Research Project.
  • Launch of Seniors Partnership Project shared with all developmental service providers in Haldimand and Norfolk and Seniors’ Services.
  • We received funding from MCSS and also a grant from the Federal Government to do a Public Awareness Campaign to focus on the need for people who are supporting individuals in their homes to seek out services, particularly seniors who may be supporting a family member with a disability in their home.
  • Hosted a Dementia Network Forum in Port Dover.
  • Board of OACL approved NACL as a member in Community Living Ontario.
  • Received grants from Raptors’ Foundation and Rotary Club Norfolk Sunrise to address Teasing & Bullying.


  • Capital dollars for renovations, video , alarm security, CTO room for accommodating 2 to 3 people.
  • Community Living Haldimand, CLASS and NACL collaborating on the Passports to Community Living initiative. Worked with a community landlord to renovate a home with $77,565 in capital funds received through MCSS Infrastructure Agreement Homes of Your Own.
  • Introduced Smoke free policies and procedures.
  • NACL received approximately $30,000 from a Trillium Foundation Grant to establish the Snoezelen Room that will be located with the Norfolk Youth and Children’s Association at the former North School site.
  • Production of “Simply Rights”, a rights education video by the “Speak Out” Committee.
  • Celebration of Community Living at the Port Dover Scout Hut in the Kinsmen Park with H-N REACH, Community Living Access Support Services, Haldimand Association for Developmentally Challenged and NACL.
  • 5th Anniversary of Getting Connected Foundations.
  • Introducing the “Men of NACL” Fundraising Calendar.
  • MCSS approval of the 2006/2007 Minor Capital Request for $9,484 for automatic door access; replacement of the carpet at 49 Garden; new blood pressure monitors; a portable sports ramp for emergency exits.
  • Received licences to provide on-line training to the Board of Directors in Governance & Accountability.
  • Waterford Concession Booth opened a project in partnership with Long Point Conservation Authority.
  • Board approved moving forward with a Capital proposal in collaboration with CLASS to purchase the St. Williams School for a new service option.
  • Dance A Thon at the Army, Navy Hall; $4670 was raised.
  • Men of NACL Fashion Show – “Every Girl’s Crazy ‘bout a Sharp Dressed Man”.



  • Dream Vacation Fundraiser raffle introduced.
  • Individual Support Agreements (ISA’s) introduced.
  • Campbell Clark Preschool closed.
  • Compost Business introduced using BITL leaves.
  • NACL-F dissolved.
  • Learning Links introduced at Kinvilla as part of Community Connections.
  • Winner of the Services for the Disabled Division of the Donner Canadian Awards.


  • Lions Park Food Booth Operational Agreement begins.
  • Multi Service Volunteer Program (MVP) introduced.
  • Farmers’ Market Food Booth opened, called the “Lunch Box” through Job Links.
  • Second Strategic Plan approved.
  • Getting Connected Provisional Support introduced for people on the waiting list, funded by the United Way.
  • Country Roads opened as a Community Connections Satellite.


  • The Employment Centre (TEC) opens (replacing MSEC).
  • Social Centre closes.


  • Family Home Program
  • Chamber of Commerce Membership
  • NACL withdraws its membership with the Ontario Association for Community Living.
  • Founding Member Agency of Ontario Agencies Supporting Individuals with Special Needs (OASIS).


  • Community Support Program restructured to become the Lifestyle Support Service.
  • Introduced the shared care support model for children.
  • Linkages support option introduced at the Social Centre.
  • First Strategic Plan approved.
  • Business Support Services opens at 12 Argyle St.
  • Cottage Industry becomes Business Ventures.
  • Basic Job Readiness Training (BJRT) introduced, sponsored by the United Way.
  • Job Developer position introduced at Job Links.


  • Introduced Outcome Based Performances through the Accreditation Council.
  • NACL Foundation (NACL –F) established and incorporated.
  • Facilitated Communication introduced.


  • Employment Support Program renames “Job Links” at MSEC.
  • CAP closes.
  • Community Connections introduced.
  • Jobs Ontario & Regional Job Developer Program move in at MSEC.
  • Funding from MCSS for School to Work Transition Program through Job Links, established by Norfolk Planning Group.
  • Job Links receives the Central Marketing Consulting Services Award of Merit.
  • Funding from Ministry of Environment for 7 people to clean up and market Brook Conservation areas.
  • Funding through CEIC (HRDC) to sub contract with Fanshawe for 12 people in Job Readiness Training.
  • First NACL participant accepted into Fanshawe College Certificate Program.


  • NACL erases accumulated deficit of $250,000
  • Foster Care License issued to NACL.
  • Community Clusters introduced as a CAP Satellite.
  • ”CHOICES” Coffee Shop opens under the Cottage Industry.
  • Social Centre opens as a CAP Satellite (volunteer dollars).
  • First Annual Boston Family Rodeo Fundraiser introduced.


  • 16 people move into residential program from Le Manoir Nursing Home.
  • Artistic Enrichment Centre and Apartment bases introduced as CAP satellites.
  • Employment Support Program introduces Multi Service Employment Centre (MSEC).


  • Fourth Executive Director (Rhonda Clarke-Bruyn) hired.
  • Board ratifies two-year vocational plan to close ARC/Children’s Residence.
  • People from LeManoir Nursing Home move into residential program.
  • ARC closes.
  • Services amalgamate.
  • Cottage Industry opens.
  • Children’s Residence closes.
  • Parent Teaching Home opens on Garden St.



  • Name change to Norfolk Association for Community Living (NACL).
  • Bringing in the Leaves Fundraiser introduced.


  • Employment Support Program fully independent of ARC Industries.


  • Employment Support Program introduced as a pilot project.
  • Joint training ventures start with Fanshawe College.


  • Core Residence closed, Apartment Program and SIL Program expanded.


  • Community Activity Program/Life Skills (CAP) opens.


  • Children’s Residence opens.
  • Part time staff unionized with OPSEU.


  • Laundry closed due to financial problems.
  • Third Executive Director (John Durocher) hired.


  • Ontario Labour Relations Board served notice of full time employee certification with OPSEU.
  • Fire at Laundry Service.


  • Second Executive Director (Bill Coffey) hired.



  • NAMR Laundry opens as a commercial business.


  • Farming, Janitorial and Domestic Cleaning Enclaves start through ARC.
  • Supported Independent Living (SIL) Program introduced.
  • New bus donated by Rotary Club.
  • First Executive Director (Ken Robb) hired.


  • Core Residence opened.
  • Blanche Clark Resource Centre opens.


  • Walkathon to raise funds for a Core Residence.
  • NAMR membership at all time high.


  • Move into new ARC Industries at 644 Ireland Rd., built with 100% volunteer dollars.


  • Fundraising results in $20,000 from the First Walkathon.  The walkathon included a round trip from Simcoe to Turkey Point.  The employees of Massey Ferguson pledged $1000 to the event.


  • Membership commits to new Workshop, Core Residence and Day Care Facility.



  • ATC becomes an Adult Rehabilitation Centre (ARC) Industries
  • Nursery School opens at St. James Church for children.


  • Name change to NAMR (Norfolk Association for the Mentally Retarded) from NARC.


  • Adult Training Centre (A.T.C.) opened for NARC by the Simcoe Optimists.


  • NARC celebrates 10th Anniversary.



  •  First van donated by the Lions Club.


  • Simcoe Lions School opens, operated by NARC.


  • Simcoe Lions Club “Adopts” the Association and agrees to build school/supply vans.


  • First School operated by the Association at St. James Church House in Simcoe
  • Norfolk Association for Retarded Children (NARC) formed.


  • Brant Norfolk Association for Retarded Children established.

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