Promoting and supporting the inclusion of people with developmental disabilities in all aspects of community life for over 64 years.

Norfolk Association for Community Living (N.A.C.L.)

An inclusive life is one where the inherent right of all persons, regardless of their individual circumstances, mirror those rights of every other citizen. It is the embedding in the activities of the community, which are not obstructed by the varying degrees of ability afforded to humanity, where all persons are members.

Residential Services 

Shared Supports (Traditional Group Living)

Shared residential supports are offered in an individualized manner to assist people in choosing, setting up and providing support in a living situation that meets their specific needs and personal preferences. While living with roommates, this service provides a range of support in response to individual requests in a person‚Äźdirected way that fosters independence and the involvement of the person’s family and friends Supports are focused to help people develop skills, interests and friendships through experiences in their community. Choice and decision making are promoted in all aspects of this service.

Independent Supports (Traditional Supported Independent Living SIL)

Independent residential supports provide individuals with flexibility and choice. People live in their own house or apartment, with or without a roommate of their own choosing, anywhere in the community they wish to reside. In every sense, the home is theirs and the supports provided follow the needs and desires of the person and only to the extent that is necessary. Choice and decision making are promoted in all aspects. Supports can vary from blocks of time each day to periodically throughout a two week period.

Judy Bradley and Wayne Parker


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