Promoting and supporting the inclusion of people with developmental disabilities in all aspects of community life for over 64 years.

Norfolk Association for Community Living (N.A.C.L.)

An inclusive life is one where the inherent right of all persons, regardless of their individual circumstances, mirror those rights of every other citizen. It is the embedding in the activities of the community, which are not obstructed by the varying degrees of ability afforded to humanity, where all persons are members.

New Horizons Respite Service (NHRS)

This service, although very small, provides opportunities for individuals to participate in community events and activities for short periods of time. Although supports are scheduled they are not rigid, and vary from week-to-week and month-to-month. These small, variable periods of time allow short opportunities for caregivers to have a period of respite from their loved ones and allows the caregiver to participate fully in other areas of their lives.

Overnight Respite Service

NACL has respite beds available for women/men 18 years of age or older who are registered with Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) and waiting for residential support. Every person, their family or care givers must complete the required documentation package, which outlines daily support requirements, as well as medical, emotional, and behavioural supports.

People interested in using the Respite Bed must:

-Meet with and be considered appropriate as a “Guest” by the current tenants of the home and NACL before acceptance on the Respite List

-Be able to be supported by the existing staffing model

-Have signed a Norfolk Association for Community Living Respite Care Services Agreement

Please contact Deanna Davidson, Manager of Community Outreach Services to apply.

519-426-9513 ext 202 or email 

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